Local & regional sporting events, concerts, festivals and corporate meetings should offer seamless and localized booking options, but often they don't. If they aren't, they are complicating the overall venue experience for their guest and even missing out highly personalized lodging recommendations.

Customized for Events and Attractions: Ripe defines affiliates as events and attractions within the geographic region of a DMO. Affiliates can then create a personalized version of the booking engine just for their use by including and sorting only specific properties, customizing maps and even have the option to generate revenue from booking revenue as agreed upon with the DMO.

Personalized for the audience: Ripe-powered affiliates can target marketing efforts more specifically to interested travelers, leveraging local insights and data to promote their events and attractions to the most relevant audience. Once they've education the traveler they can then convert on the lodging reservation, making everyone happy.

The power of partnerships: By being part of a DMO's offering, events and attractions benefit from a synergy with other local entities (accommodations, other attractions), creating a more cohesive and confidence inspiring proposition for their event.