Property Filters

Local Highlights

Property Filters are used by the traveler to narrow down a list of properties about unique aspects of a location or area. These are often unique by client. The default name can be changed in your account configuration, but the overall intent of how to use them should remain.

Here you can rename the filter title if you choose.

Good examples:

  • Main Street
  • Tourist attractions like monuments
  • Music venues, sports stadiums, ski lift or ski in/out
  • Specific bodies of water
  • Key initiatives like Eco Friendly or EV charging
  • Walking distance to (key area or attraction)

Bad examples, some of which should be amenities:

  • Amenities of a hotel itself
  • Wifi
  • Kitchen
  • Shuttle Service

How to include/exclude Feature Filters:

You can rename the name of the filter itself, we recommend any of these:

Local Highlights

Popular in [city name]


Amenities refer to specific attributes of a hotel, home or property. Think of them as common features of benefits a traveler may expect at any hotel or room, but are not unique to the destination.

Amenities are automatically shown on a property listing based on the property settings. We support a general list and expected set of amenities to provide a simple travaler experience.

Examples include:

  • Airport Shuttle
  • Breakfast
  • Fitness Center
  • Free Parking
  • Wifi
  • Spa