Traveler Booking Experience

Local Authenticity and Relevance: Ripe-enabled DMO platforms focus on the local context, providing travelers with accommodations and experiences rooted in the destination's unique culture and lifestyle. By aggregating diverse and authentic lodging options in one place, Ripe enhances the traveler's booking journey, making it seamless, user-friendly, and aligned with their expectations for local relevance. This not only satisfies the traveler’s desire for convenience and authenticity but also increases the likelihood of direct bookings through DMO and event platforms.

Curated Experiences: DMOs, with the help of Ripe's technology, can curate experiences around local events, attractions, and the community. This curation can include special packages, event-specific accommodations, and insider tips that enhance the travel experience beyond just a place to stay.

Community Connection: Travelers booking through a local provider using Ripe are directly contributing to the local economy and community, fostering a sense of participation and contribution that is less pronounced when booking through large, global OTAs.

The traveler will then see detailed property information, localized maps, amenities & configurations and policies like check-in/out and cancellation.

Upon making a reservation a confirmation email is immediately sent to the traveler, with your branding.

When a reservation is made the property is the merchant of record. This is a distinct advantage compared to other platforms, because not only will the traveler earn hotel and/or credit card loyalty points, but the they can be better supported with reservation modifications. Ripe offers a reservation support team, or the traveler can work directly with the property as needed since they "own" the reservation.