Google Analytics and Tag Manager

Clients can run their own Google Tag Manager (GTM) container in Ripe. Within CRS, there are two GTM input fields (see screenshot below).  There are two fields for GTM tags in the Ripe Admin, the first is for the Ripe GTM container and will always be populated as a requirement for our internal Google Analytics tracking and monitoring.

The second (optional) field is for entering the client's GTM container ID.  All the client needs to provide is their GTM 'container ID'.

When adding the client's GTM container ID, they should grant access to the following Ripe Google Account: [email protected].

We ask for 'view' access at a minimum in order to troubleshoot any site issues if they occur.  If the client wants to provide 'publish' access, then that will allow us to provide the greatest level of support and deploy fixes or enhancements on the client's behalf if needed (often the quickest and easiest solution).  Such changes will only be made when explicitly requested by the client.

The final step is for the client to implement basic ecommerce tracking.  Attached below is a simple guide specifically for implementing Google Analytics 4; however, the document includes the necessary information to implement other 3rd party scripts as well (Google Ads, etc.).