Your Ripe Booking Platform

Your booking engine is powered by Ripe, but owned by you. Setup on a sub-domain of your primary site, the booking engine gets and supports your brand and SEO, while being a full-featured reservation platform. Travelers can search, browse and book from your entire list of properties. Reservations are passed directly to the lodging provider.

There are several options when setting up your property connections, but it's always best to set the most direct connection possible for real-time availability, rates, and inventory. When done this way, when a booking is made it automatically decrements the room/property ensuring there are no double bookings or manual record keeping.

Empowerment of Destination Marketing Organizations: Ripe empowers DMOs by transforming them into pivotal travel booking hubs, enabling them to offer a wide array of locally relevant lodging options directly on their platforms. This not only enhances the service they provide to travelers but also positions DMOs and affiliates as central figures in the local tourism ecosystem.

Local Relevance and Authenticity: Ripe's focus on integrating local insights and content into the booking experience ensures that travelers have access to accommodations and experiences that are deeply connected to the destination and/or event. This local relevance not only meets the traveler's desire for authentic experiences but also strengthens your position as the go-to source for genuine local travel information.